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Five projects kick off in Ruzhou
By Liu Yufen ( chinadaily.com.cn )
Updated: 2013-12-25

A foundation stone-laying ceremony for five projects was carried out in Ruzhou, Central China's Henan province, on Dec 18. It marked the official establishment of five projects in the Runan Industrial Cluster.

Li Xiaowei, a member of the standing committee of the Ruzhou municipal committee, declared the commencement of the five projects.

Henan Zhonghong Kangxin Agriculture Co’s yolk immunoglobulin project, one of the five projects, covers an area of 6.67 hectares in the southeast area of the cluster.

It will be a production and research base for meat duck yolk immunoglobulin. The project's output is estimated to be 30 million units. With a planned investment of 180 million yuan ($29.65 million), its sales revenue and tax revenue will be 110 million yuan and 32 million yuan per year, respectively.

In addition, the project will cultivate an operation pattern by combining farmers with enterprises.

A 60,000-ton high protein feed yeast assembly line also made its debut at the ceremony. Henan Hongxiang Bio-Technology Co will invest 200 million yuan into the 5.33-hectare project. The assembly line’s main products are animal health care products and functional additives.

The project is expected to create annual tax revenues of 25 million yuan and 150 jobs.

Yongfeng New Materials Co is a manufacturer of polymer ceramics, fireproof materials, abrasives, grinding apparatuses and stuffing materials. As an attendee of the opening ceremony, its alpha-alumina project features advanced technology, is environmentally friendly and has a short-cycle, efficient output value.

A total of 32 million yuan will be invested into this project in a period of 12 months. Its products will be widely applied to improve product intensity and tenacity. With an annual output of 30,000 tons, its annual output value and tax revenue will be 130 million yuan and 10 million yuan, respectively.

The Ruzhou Feilong Water Supply Equipment Co project is one of the Ruzhou government's key projects above 100 million yuan in 2014. The total investment of the project is $30 million. It will cover an area of 12 hectares, 5.33 hectares of which will be developed in the first 10 months. The project will create a total tax revenue of roughly 35 million yuan. In addition, it will create 180 jobs for the city.

The project will extend the local steel industry chain and fill the local industrial gap in non-tower water supply equipment.

Henan Longshengyuan Agricultural Products Processing Park is jointly invested by two companies. It features agricultural processing, scientific research and information. The project will get an investment of 115 million yuan with a planned area of 4 hectares.

It will include workshops, finished products warehouses, raw materials warehouses and a comprehensive office building over a total area of 21,287 square meters.

The project can provide jobs for 500 people. With an annual output of 73,000 tons, its annual tax revenue is estimated to be 11.85 million yuan.

The other attendees of the ceremony included personnel in charge of the above projects from a variety of units.

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