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Ru porcelain wins over fans at Paris International Cultural Heritages Exhibition

( www.chinadaily.com.cn )
Updated: 2012-12-03

The 18th Paris International Cultural Heritages Exhibition was on display at the Louvre from Nov 8 to 12. Nearly 60 pieces of Chinese pottery were exhibited in Paris. Li Yanhuai, Chinese ceramics art design master and a representative inheritor of Ru porcelain firing techniques, was chosen to attend the exhibition as a delegate of Ru porcelain.

Various kinds of beautiful porcelain, including Ruzhou yao, ceramics from Jingdezhen and carved porcelain from Zibo, amazed foreigners at the exhibition. The Ru porcelain particularly attracted many visitors.

After the exhibition, Silvia Pinel, the French minister of commerce, handicraft and tourism, spoke highly of China's porcelain. In addition, the president of the French National Art Industry Association made the following comment, “The Chinese delegation amazes the whole world thanks to the innovation of porcelain masters of worldwide repute. The ceramics not only communicate with people's hearts, but also embody the rising rejuvenation of China's ceramic arts, which is the most visible highlight in the world of ceramic arts."

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