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Ruzhou finance bureau invests more in public health system
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Updated: 2012-11-26

This year, the Ruzhou municipal finance bureau has increased spending on its public health system, providing material foundation and favorable conditions for the development of public health.

The Ruzhou municipal finance bureau has introduced a subsidy mechanism for community-level health institutions and implemented the government policy of providing special fund assistance to community-level health institutions. The public health service fund totals 25 yuan (about $4) per person. The local government allocated 164.4 million yuan of subsidies for basic public health services by the end of Oct 2012. A total of 8.7 million yuan has been allocated for major health projects, 3.53 million yuan for AIDS treatment, 4.47 million yuan for hospitalization of pregnant women, 700,000 yuan for water supply and latrine improvement work in rural areas, 3.87 million yuan for comprehensive reform of basic drugs in community-level heath institutions, 2.11 million yuan for subsidizing hospitals in townships and towns, and 4.21 yuan for diffusing debts incurred by community-level health institutions.

In addition, a combination of personal accounts and comprehensive funds for major diseases has been introduced for people with HIV/AIDS. The management of medical fees for retired people will also be strengthened. Reimbursement invoices will be inspected more strictly. From Jan to Oct 2012, 9.07 million yuan had been allocated for free medical service.

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