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Yanglou Family Planning Association conducts technology training program
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Updated: 2012-09-13

The Family Planning Association of Ruzhou's Yanglou township has been making great efforts to help families which abide by family planning policies. The association is introducing technologies and guiding families to help them earn more money through scientific methods and hard work.

At the beginning of September, the association organized agricultural, husbandry and forestry technicians to teach technology skills in rural areas. They held training classes for families who abide by family planning policies. More than 40 people received training.

The training classes are held in Yanglou township every quarter. The classes cover topics such as legal knowledge of family planning; recent family planning policies; and information and technologies on agriculture, product distribution and computer applications.

Cheng Xianghui, secretary general of the Family Planning Association of Ruzhou’s Yanglou township, is in charge of the training program. Cheng said the program has been effective. The association would build on the achievements and help Yanglou people, especially families which abide by family planning policies, become better informed.

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