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Visitors at martyrs' cemetery of Fengxuan temple, Ruzhou city for tomb-sweeping day
By Han Lifang (intern candidate) ( China Daily )
Updated: 2012-04-06

With the arrival of the tomb-sweeping day, the martyrs' cemetery of Fengxuan temple, Ruzhou city is surging with crowds. Many people visited the cemetery to show their respect and admiration to the martyrs.

The Communist Party History Research Center of Ruzhou city prepared to show visitors the history of the new-democratic revolution period on the morning of April, 3. Zhuang Haiqing, the former office director of the Party History Research Center, made a speech to the audience on the city's new-democratic revolution history. The superintendent said that they have made enough preparations for the displays and have attracted the attention of more than 2,000 visitors.

Li Sanchang, the director of the Concerning Young Generation Committee, was invited to give a lesson on the communist party's history. Recounting his revolution experience, Li Sanchang introduced in details the city's struggles in the liberation war period. The speech lasted an hour and the audience was moved by his speech.

More than 200 teachers and students from the Polo Education also came to the martyrs' cemetery. They read the epigraph inscribed in the tombs carefully. They also hung white paper flowers on the branches of pine trees and cypresses. They then came to the square and invited workers of the Party Research Center teach lessons to students. The superintendent of the Civil Affairs Bureau said that more than 20,000 visitors came to the Fengxuan temple during the tomb-sweeping day.

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