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Dahongzhai Scenic Area
( China Daily )
Updated: 2010-09-17
Dahongzhai Scenic Area

Dahongzhai sits at the junction of Dayu Village, Yuzhou City, and Dengfeng City, 35 kilometers northeast of Ruzhou City. Its main peak--Dahongzhai, with an elevation of 1150.6 meters, is the second highest mountain in Ruzhou. It has a north-south length of 5 kilometers and west-east width of 2 kilometers. The mountain resembles a big bear when viewed from the north, giving it its other name, “Big Bear Mountain.”

This massive massif contributes to the gorgeous landscape and magnificent natural scenery. The grotesque stone forest, secluded cavern and crystal clear spring constitute a breathtaking view. Its strategic location and seclusion made it a hotly contested spot between military strategists in ancient times. It once served as a base of the People’s Liberation Army during the resistance against the Japanese army in West Henan Province.

Among the vegetation at Dahongzhai, there are a lot of forests whose leaves are breathtaking in the fall. These leaves mainly belong to sumac trees, which spread over the northern and central parts of Dahongzhai Mountain. These autumn leaf forests merge with those at Xiaohongzhai, covering a total of over 2000mu (1.33 square kilometers). Every fall, from mid-October to early November is the best time to appreciate the autumn leaves. The coverage, density, and purity of autumn leaves here are all better than those at Beijing’s Xiangshan Mountain. 

Dahongzhai Scenic Area

Dahongzhai Scenic Area

Ruzhou recently declared Dahongzhai a provincial geological park, spanning five villages and towns in the northeast of the city. The park’s artificial landscape and natural scenery well complement each other. It is also a valuable subject to study major geological disciplines.

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