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Hengshui Sunshine Hotel

Address: No. 158 Xinhua West Road, Hengshui

Tel.: 0318-2113101 0318-2113102

As Hengshui’s first four-star hotel, Hengshui Sunshine Hotel is located in the center downtown area. It’s a 16-storey building with an area of 20,000 square meters and 168 guest rooms of various categories.

Every guest room at Hengshui Sunshine Hotel is equipped with broadband Internet and a direct drinking water system. The dining halls can accommodate 500 people at a time, and the conference rooms of various sizes can be used for anything, including scientific lectures, business negotiation, product promotion, and commercial performances. The night club, KTV, sauna, bar, and fitness center are luxuriously and gracefully decorated. The environments are cozy and warm, which can alleviate your stress and exhaustion from work.

To make your stay satisfactory at the hotel, Hengshui Sunshine Hotel’s “Golden Key” and simple, natural, and well-trained staff will provide you with cordial and considerate services.

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