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Zhaodu Hotel

Address: No. 113 Zhonghua North Street, Congtai District, Handan, Hebei province

Tel.: 0310-2113888 or 0310-2113999

As a five-star hotel, Zhaodu Hotel integrates grace and nobility.

Zhaodu Hotel has 60 guest rooms, including 30 luxury standard rooms, 12 luxury single rooms, 12 luxury double suites, four minister suites and one presidential suite.

All the guest rooms are furnished with a double-line telephone, digital LCD TV, mini-bar and wide-screen computers. The beds were designed to be especially broad and comfortable with eiderdown quilts. The noble Asian-style marble bathroom is furnished with an independent shower compartment and a division of dry and wet sections.

The 35-square-meter standard and luxury single rooms are spacious, well-lit and well-equipped. The luxury double suites (70 square meters) are luxurious and commodious, decorated luxuriously and comfortably, with a fascinating view of the grotesque rock formations, flowers and grass in the courtyard through French windows.

The 200-square-meter minister suites at Zhaodu Hotel provide more open and luxurious space, furniture, and facilities to satisfy the diversified requirements of the guests who demand more space. Aside from the cozy living room, it's equipped with a small kitchen and independent dining section to create for you a supremely comfortable space.

The presidential suite, with a total floorage of 560 square meters, is the most luxurious suite at the Zhaodu Hotel. The antique-smelling funiture, the graceful study, the well-equipped fitness facilities and the deluxe crystal lamp make the suite magnificent and luxurious. The spacious marble bathroom is equipped with built-in swirling water bathtubs and a complete sauna.

Zhaodu Hotel's dining facilities include a lobby bar on the first floor, cafeteria with both Chinese food and Western food. There are private rooms for Western or Chinese food banquets on the second floor. The large banquet hall is on the third floor.

The hotel offers mainly high-grade Guangdong cuisine, and has invited the vegetarian diet master Suzhai of Beijing Hotel to serve up the first vegetarian dishes in the city. It also provides 24-hour room service allowing guests at the Zhaodu Hotel to enjoy delicacies.

The business center at Zhaodu Hotel is equipped with high-tech facilities to provide the guests with printing, typewriting, photocopying, tickets booking and translation services.

The hotel has one reception hall which offers simultaneous translation, as well as three small- and medium-sized conferences with advanced audio-visual equipment, which can satisfy the demand of different sized conferences with 12-160 participants.

The well-equipped fitness center and the indoor swimming pool provide guests who love fitness with a superior place to keep fit.

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