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New Yuzhou Hotel

Four-star hotel

Address:Middle section of Heping Road, Yuzhou Town, Yuxian county, Zhangjiakou

Tel.: 0313-7239999 / 7239876

New Yuzhou Hotel is a four-star, large-scale comprehensive service site which combines dinning, lodging, business, conference, fitness and recreation.

New Yuzhou Hotel is located to the south of Yuxian TV Tower. Guangming South Street lies to the east of the hotel, and Heping Road lies to the south. It has superior position and convenient transposition. The hotel was constructed with the idea of “protecting the ancient city, developing the new city, and constructing a well-known city”. The hotel is striving to be named “the No. 1 hotel west of Beijing”. The hotel is a 12-storey building (including one storey underground) with a total floor area of 22,678 square meters and a building area of 260,000 square meters. The hotel was built with a total investment of 86 million yuan. It has 165 guest rooms, including presidential suites and single rooms. The guest rooms are furnished with mini-bars, safes, and Internet access, and the presidential suites and deluxe suites are equipped with sauna chambers and surfing bathtubs. Seven multimedia conference rooms can provide you with the most advanced and complete conference services, the largest of which can accommodate 350 people. Shengtai Dining Hall has 25 luxury private rooms in 25 different styles. Mr. Zhang Peirong, an international culinary master and international cookery lord, serves as executive chef. The dining halls provide the choicest delicacies of Sichuan, Shandong, Huaiyang and Guangdong cuisines; and the dining hall on the first floor can accommodate 150 people.

As a landmark building of Yuxian county, the New Yuzhou Hotel serves as the county’s center for the government activities, conference and communication, business operation and service and reception.

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