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Bohai International Conference Center

Star rating: five star

The hotel opened Oct 12, 2008 and as an integral part of Bohai International Conference Center. The Bohai International Conference Hotel is an eight-storey, five-star luxury hotel with 361 guest rooms. The standard room measures 32 square meters.

Bohai International Conference Center is adjacent to Caofei Lake and Tangcao Highway to the east. To the west are Shuanglong River, Golden Bear International Golf Club, Tanghai Wetland and the Bird Natural Sanctuary. It is 230 kilometers to Beijing, 65 kilometers to Tangshan, 20 kilometers to Tanghai county seat, and 24 kilometers to Caofeidian Industrial Zone.

The center is Tangshan’s first five-star comprehensive service project, which integrates lodging, dining and recreation, conference hosting, sports fitness, and spa treatment. The bath water is spring water drawn from 1,500 meters underground. The center is a complex with eight building projects, including a sailor’s club, gymnasium, leisure center and lakeside villas.

Address: The Seventh Farm, Tanghai County, Tangshan Tel.: 0315-8898866

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