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Hebei Century Hotel

Five-star hotelHebei Century Hotel

Unit name: Hebei Century Hotel Address: 145 Zhongshan West Road, Shijiazhuang Tel.: 0311-87036699 Toll-free room booking Tel.: 8008038538 Fax: 0311-87038866 Website: www.hebei-centuryhotel.com

As a five-star business hotel paid for and operated by Hebei Construction and Investment Group Co, Ltd, Hebei Century Hotel integrates business lodging, conference, recreation and shopping. It’s located at 145 Zhongshan West Road, Shijiazhuang, a downtown area with superior geographical position and convenient transportation. It’s a 40-minute ride from the airport to the hotel, and it’s a 15-minute walk to the Railway Station and the Intercity Bus Terminal. It has 29 storeys overground and 3 storeys underground. It’s rich in modern style, featuring exterior design of a glass-curtain wall and circular arc molding. Inside the building, the hotel is managed by an advanced computerized management, closed-circuit TV, central air conditioning, automatic fire fighting and program-controlled telephone systems.

The hotel offers 405 guest rooms of various categories and size, and the design of the guest rooms is elegant and graceful with extensive views. Free access to broadband Internet is provided to the guests.

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