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Tangshan Jinjiang International Hotel

Tangshan Jinjiang International Hotel

Tangshan Jinjiang International Hotel is the first luxury five-star standard  hotel in Tangshan with an investment of  with 360 million yuan by Huifeng Building Co., Ltd. and managed by the nation's largest hotel management company - Jinjiang International Hotel Management Company.

The hotel is located alongside the city's main road – Xinhua Road, which is only 500 meters from the railway station and adjacent to Beijing-Shenyang highway. The main building of the hotel has 24 floors with an innovative and elegant outlook. It has 214 (sets) of various business-styles of rooms,  offices and conference rooms of various sizes with convenient facilities. The hotel also has Chinese, Western and Japanese style restaurants, bars, cafeterias, and other multi-functional halls. The 23rd floor of main building is a roof garden bar. Of all these restaurants, the Guangdong style restaurant, the hotel’s best one, is in charge by a famous Hong Kong chief. In addition, the hotel also has leisure facilities such as gym, sauna and massage room, nightclub, KTV private rooms, SPA, squash, chess room and beauty salon. There are hotel business centers, shopping malls, banks, outdoor parking and other facilities available to meet a variety of business, tourism and entertainment needs. It has led high-end consumer market in Tangshan.

Address: NO.136 Xinhua West Road, Tangshan City, Hebei ProvinceHotel

Class: Five Star

Code: 063000

Customers Service Hotline:0315-5908811

Fax: 0315-5902000

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