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Tangshan Jinjiang Distinguished Guest Hotel

Tangshan Jinjiang Distinguished Guest Hotel

The Tangshan Jinjiang Distinguished Guest Hotel is a four star business hotel and a joint venture managed by Tangshan Restaurant Group and Jin Jiang Group with a sound management system and rich customer service experience.

The hotel locates in downtown area with convenient traffic.The design of the hotel shows originality with an air of culture.The hotel lobby is spacious; the decoration has an elegant fashion; the nostalgic mahogany cabinet embellished with various craftworks gives the visual impact of surreal. There are 165 rooms (sets) in total, all with broadband internet access (free of charge), which is convenient for customers. Every room is equipped with a central air-condition, a mini bar, a executive desk, and the TV in each room has dozens of domestic and foreign TV channels, such as CNN, NHK, WOWO, etc. There are Japanese-style and modern-style guest rooms to meet your specific needs.The hotel catering has comprehensive tastes including Chinese restaurant, Japanese restaurant and other countries'styles. It is ready to provide customers with a unique taste of authentic cuisine. The hotel has a various types of conference room, which is the ideal place to hold meetings.The newly built European-style hall is elegant and luxurious with multi purposes including throwing parties, holding performance, auctions, and conferences. It can accommodate 400 people having meetings and dining. There are also shopping molls, business centers and other facilities in the hotel. It is a comprehensive business-type hotel aggregating accommodation and catering, entertainment, leisure and shopping in one.

Name: Tangshan Jinjiang Distinguished Guest HotelHotel

Class: Four Star

Address: NO.46 Jianshe South Road, Tangshan City, Hebei Province


Customers Service Hotline:3729228Fax: 2827474

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