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Tianbao Holiday Hotel, Chengde

Tianbao Holiday Hotel, Chengde

Location: The hotel is centrally located in the city, 5 minutes by car to the Summer Resort and it is easy to reach the other famous sightseeings.

Rooms: The rooms are large in size and well equipped with Broad Band, Safe Box, Mini Bar, etc. there is drinking water access in the restroom.

Restaurant: There are three restaurants offer from the Chinese dishes to western cuisine. The lobby is large in size decorated with crystal hanging lamps and marble ground which in cream color.

General: Tian Bao Holiday Hotel Chengde in Chengde is one of the most well known Hotels in Chengde in China. The Location of Tian Bao Holiday Hotel Chengde in Chengde is ideal within easy access to the famous sightseeing areas. This hotel gives you the best of traditional Chinese hospitality and modern comfort elements which makes it one of the most popular Hotels in China.

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