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Bashang Grasslands--an ideal place to admire maple leaves

Bashang Grasslands--an ideal place to admire maple leaves
(Photo by Global Times)

What to see in autumn: birch woods

Best time to visit: late September to early October

Located approximately 240 kilometers north of Beijing and covering an area of 350 square kilometers, the Bashang Grasslands is the nearest prairie from Beijing, which have long been one of the ideal sites to escape the city's summer heat.

It presents different forms of beauty in the four seasons. Especially in autumn, the grasslands, lakes, mountains and valleys appear in colorful sights. In this season, no matter whip the horse or stand quietly in the grasslands, visitors can feel the wideness of Bashang Grasslands.

In autumn, one of the charming sights in Bashang Grasslands is the boundless birch woods, Korean pines and spruces. After several frost falls, the trees are full of vigor, making the grassland a cascade of colors.

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