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Xiantianxia Shopping Mall

Xiantianxia Shopping Mall

Address: No.326, Zhongshan Road, Changan District, Shijiazhuang

Tel: 0311-85936015

It is called the best and largest shopping mall in the city for its satisfactory variety of goods and restaurant and there is a cinema as well. It is a huge comprehensive market and the shopping environment is great. On the first floor you can find many international famous luxury brand like Gucci, Armani and Cartier etc. So it is for highend consume. The second floor is for the gentlemen. If you need a high-quality suit to participate in the formal occasion, you can come here for choose. The third floor is for ladies. The fourth floor is for girls. The fifith floor is all about housing and eclectrical alliances. There are many restaurants and a cinema on the sixth floor.


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