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Beiguo Shopping Centre

Beiguo Shopping Centre

Address: No.188, Zhongshan Road, Qiaodong District,Shijiazhuang

Tel: 0311-86974448

Beiguo Shopping Centre is at the center of the city and is the economic center of Shijiazhuang as well. People living in Shijiazhuang all used to go shopping there because of the various goods including cosmetics, clothes, electrical household appliances and so on.

There are hundreds of famous brands and the prices are on the high side. But the shopping center is on sale and gives discounts at times for attracting more customers. One important reason why Beiguo Shopping Centre is always popular in Shijiazhuang is that the traffic conditions are very convenient for people all round the city to come here.

There are many bus lines pass through Beiguo Shopping Centre. There is a large supermarket under the ground in the shopping centre and you can buy anything you need there from vegetables to clothes. And there is a food courts on the sixth floor for people to take a rest and have meals.



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