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Marine Life


 1) Intertidal species

According to an survey in 1984, intertidal species in Hebei Province amount to 163, including 20 kinds of polychaetes, 25 univalves, 33 bivalves, 41 Crustaceans, 16 algaes, four coelenteratas two echinoderms, and nine fish.

7 kinds of seashells found in Hebei have great economic value, including Cyclina sinensis, Potamocorbula laevis, and Umbonium thomasi. The following chart shows some detailed information about the four main seashells:


distribution area

total resources

mactra veneriformis

23,200 mu

3,821 ton


35,000 mu (21,000 mu available for mudflat aquaculture)

2,613 ton

Ostrea talienwhanensis

1,964 mu

1,473 ton

Moerella iridescens

512,000 mu

1, 300 ton

There are also a variety of crabs.

2) Epibenthic species

There are 206 Epibenthic species found in Hebei, including 79 molluscs, 50 crustaceans, 31 polychaete, 15 echinoderms, 11 fish, 8 coelenterata, 5 chordates, one brachiopod, two beneficial insect, one nemertean and Sipunculus.

3) Pelagic eggs and larval fish

There are 48 pelagic eggs and larval fish belonging to 27 orders of 10 families.

4) Nektons

101 kinds of nektons was found in Hebei in 1984, of which 86 are fish, with the total amount of 45456 ton, and 15 invertebrates, with the amount of 6825 ton.

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