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Guiyang gives retiree a second career


Lee Chao-hung, 73, never expected life after retirement would mean a new career-thousands of miles away from home.

Highways witnesses traffic surge in SW China


Passengers walk on the section (from Guiyang to Huangguoshu) of the Shanghai-Kunming Highway as a traffic jam is occurred from Guiyang to Huangguoshu section of the highway.

A wild ride


Drifting down the Taoyuan River is a great way to shake off the city blues and satisfy your thirst for adventure.

Wild monkey reported in downtown Guiyang


A wild macaque monkey was spotted in downtown Guiyang on Thursday, frightening residents.

Guiyang: 22 buses to divert routes for construction


The intersection of Beijingxi Road and Jinyangnan Road in Guanshanhu district, Guiyang, will be under construction.

Guiyang: Sino-Japan Visual Art Exhibition


The Sino-Japan Visual Art Exhibition opened in Guiyang, the capital city of Guizhou province, on August 18.

Guiyang: One of China's most beautiful cities


Guiyang was selected as one of the top 20 most beautiful cities in China.

Guiyang: Tough plan to control food prices during droughts


A drought has damaged agriculture in Guiyang. During the drought, the price of vegetables has risen, and produce quality has deteriorated.

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