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Wood Drum Dance

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Updated: 2021-02-26

Wood Drum Dance

The Wood Drum Dance of the Miao ethnic group is also used in worship and involves a wooden drum and the lusheng, a reed-pipe. It is most popular in Gaopo and the village of Shilong in the Baiyun district. In Shilong it is also called Seizing Drum Sticks and carries connotations of praying for good weather for the crops and for peace and safety. The dance is also said to be for praying for a child. In performing the dance, the most senior man of the village beats the drum and young men dance around it holding the lusheng in their hands. At the beginning,the participants are mostly young married couples without children, but as it progresses, the dancers may grab the drum stick from the drummer if he doesn't watch out, so the dancer becomes the drummer, and is expected to have a child in the coming year.

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