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Registration for dissolution of resident offices of foreign enterprises

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Updated: 2021-01-28

Processing time:

10 workdays

Legal basis for approval:

State Council's Interim Provisions on Management of Resident Offices of Foreign Enterprises;

The Regulations on Administration of Registration of Resident Offices of Foreign Enterprises (No 584 of the State Council Decree of the PRC) (hereafter referred as Regulations), and related laws and regulations.

Eligibility requirements:

A foreign enterprise should apply for dissolution when the following items arise in one of the following conditions:

1) the foreign enterprise revokes its representative office;

2) the representative office terminates its business operations upon the expiration of residency;

3) termination of the foreign enterprise;

In going through the deregistration procedure, documents issued by the tax authorities, banks and customs to certify the clearing up of taxes, liabilities and other related matters shall be produced before approval is granted for the deregistration and the cancellation of the certificate of registration.

Should the said office leave any matter unsettled, the foreign enterprise or economic organization the office represents shall be held responsible for the settlement of that matter.

Charging standard and legal basis:

Charging standard: free;

Legal basis: Regulations on charging standards and scopes of company registration.

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