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Environment's the topic at SW China government sessions

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Updated: 2016-02-05

At the recently concluded Guizhou provincial People's Congress and People's Political Consultative Conference, in its capital, Guiyang, there was more chatter about new terms in environmental protection, with Gong Xiao, a member of the provincial CPPCC, commenting, "the awareness of a large number of new words on the environment reflects Guizhou’s new steps and green development and this deserves a thumbs-up".

In expanding on this, Sun Zhigang, the provincial governor, said in a government report that "Green" has in fact become a sort of business card for the province and the world and, "Guizhou has had the largest number of achievements in ecological development over the past five years", then noting that its forest coverage is above 50-percent resulting in better air quality in its main cities.

Zhu Qingyue, another member of the provincial CPPCC, proposed that there be an environmental and economic demonstration zone on the Chishui River, which has gained a reputation as a "mellow river" because of the way it handled economic development and environment protection, then added that a "gross environmental product should be included in the local government GDP", and that he hopes to work with Yunnan and Sichuan provinces on river protection.

Wang Chibing, a fellow delegate who is concerned about improving rural water resources, suggested that they develop environmentally friendly agriculture to reduce pollution emission and resource-saving waste treatment as a way to increase efficient resource use and improve both the rural and the urban environment.

Over the next five years, the province expects to establish a modern eco-civilization to help bring forest coverage up to 60 percent and river water quality up to 90 percent.

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