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Mother patrols to build 'safe Guiyang'

By Li Jun in Guiyang ( chinadaily.com.cn)

Updated: 2013-12-25

A volunteer patrol group in Guizhou province made up of mothers has helped reduce crime in the community.

The number of criminal cases in the Putuo community of the provincial capital Guiyang in October and November decreased by 32 percent and 21 percent comparing with 2012, according to police.

The mother volunteer group starts their patrol work at 9 am every day.

"We patrol every day to make sure each security door is locked. Of course, we clean litter up along the way as well. Once we find suspicious strangers, we will report to the neighborhood committee," volunteer Luo Fengjun said.

Putuo community, where the mother volunteer group patrols, is a community with social public order issues.

Since 2007, 37 mothers living in the community have volunteered for the patrols. The group consists of mothers who are from low-income families and more than 25 retired elderly women.

To support low-income families, the community service center gives those mothers subsidies of 700 ($115) yuan per month.

"There are 29 volunteer groups in Guiyang's nine districts and counties," said Hu Wangying, an official of the federation.

As of Oct 13, the number of criminal cases in Guiyang is down 15.82 percent, and the rate of criminal cases per 10,000 people has dropped by 11.88 percent.

"A few years ago, many theft and criminal crimes often happened in our community, but now almost no crimes here. We all know they are doing practical work for us," said Zeng Xianfen, a resident in Putuo community.

Jia Tingting contributed to this story.

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