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Guiyang government promoting exhibition industry development

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Updated: 2013-07-09

To transform the development mode and make best use of its industrial structure, Guiyang will do more to promote the exhibition industry to accelerate growth in Guiyang's modern service industry and drive the economy for greater competitiveness. The following are some suggestions on how to accelerate the development of Guiyang's exhibition industry:


Near-term goal (2010 - 2015)

The idea here is to hold influential branding exhibitions, based on the "Eco-Forum Global, Guiyang" of and "Summer in China Guiyang". At the same time, Guiyang will introduce conferences, forums, festivals, and competitions on business, finance, tourism, culture, science, technology and foreign affairs that target both domestic and global markets, for innovations in the exhibition industry and ultimately industrialize it. Annually, Guiyang will try to hold around 50 mid-size to large exhibitions, more than 200 conferences, three to five large festivals, and five to 10 branding exhibitions that fit its industrial structure and have a strong impact both at home and abroad. Annual growth in the exhibition industry is expected to be about 50 percent.

Mid- to long-term goal (after 2015)

Guiyang will try to put 10 years into the construction of a prominent Chinese exhibition city for the summer, one with great influence in the Southwest, with its own characteristics, and connect with the international exhibition industry.

Developmental priority

The idea here is to learn how to hold conferences, so Guiyang will try to make the Eco-civilization Conference a prominent brand name and let it play an important role in product displays and sales, technology exchanges, and investment cooperation. Guiyang plans to work hard holding special exhibitions by getting more professional ones related to its six pillar industries. It will do an industrial transformation and upgrade by through better industry exhibitions and other breakthroughs to make the China Guiyang Tourism Expo more successful by using the city's unique tourism resources.

Guiyang will become better at developing its festival industry, improving the "Summer in China Guiyang" activities, which will include grander exhibitions, to combine exhibition industry development and the festival industry. Guiyang will improve its competitiveness to spread its current cultural and physical competitions as a part of the "China Boxing Open Tournament".

Improving exhibition environments

This means simplifying the approval procedure for industry via a one-package service in industry management, and improving safeguards, public services, and foreign publicity of the exhibition industry.

Polities and measures

This means nurturing exhibitions and key activities, developing leading brands, improving infrastructure at exhibition pavilions and the surrounding environment, and raising the level of support services such as dining, accommodations, and transportation to provide better conditions for rapid development in the exhibition industry. It also means establishing a special fund to support and reward local branding on a large scale, for efficiency and greater development potential. There also need to be preferential policies for the exhibition industry, a standardization of naming rights, and a reinforcement of cooperation.

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