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2012 Eco-Forum Global in Guiyang concludes successfully

Updated: 2012-08-03

2012 Guanyang Consensus was reached at the 2012 Eco-Forum Global in Guiyang, which held closing ceremonies July 28. Zhang Xinsheng, secretary-general of the Eco-Forum Global, presided over the closing ceremony.

Wang Yuqing, director of the Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences addressed the forum. He spoke highly of the forum, noting its broad and forward-looking perspective and its importance as a long-term, institutional forum. He also discussed the green transformation, a key factor in sustainable development.

According to the 2012 Guanyang Consensus, green transformation and inclusive growth will support economic and social progress and lay a solid foundation for ecological construction and environmental protection. Sustainable economic systems can be attained through low investment, consumption and emissions. The harmony between man and nature should be highlighted to realize the unity of economics, society and management.

The 2012 Guanyang Consensus also suggests five ways to realize green transformation and inclusive growth. It calls for a migration from a resource-intensive economy to a high-efficiency and low-carbon-based economy. The green concept should be rooted in daily life. People’s livelihood should be upgraded to achieve equality in opportunity, human rights and social welfare. The capabilities of the ecosystem should be enhanced. International cooperation focusing on ecosystem construction should be encouraged.

At the end of the ceremony, Zhang Xinsheng asked everyone to make full use of this non-governmental, non-profit, international platform to realize green transformation.

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