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Introduction to Eco-Forum Global

Updated: 2012-07-13

The Eco-Forum Global is an unofficial, international high-end platform dedicated to bringing together officials, scholars, media and other decision-makers to carry out exchanges, cooperation and dissemination of ideas on ecological civilization. It also involves sharing ideas and experiences to promote the implementation of policies and better opportunities for a green economic transformation, and to tackle the challenges of ecological security. It also facilitates the the creation of international, regional and industry agendas, thus contributing to building an environmentally friendly, resource-saving society and to promoting the human ecological civilization.

The Eco-Forum's purpose is to lead social and economic development based on the concept of ecological civilization, and promote mutually beneficial and win-win results between a new type of industrialization and ecological civilization. It also discusses hotspot issues, including low carbon economy and sustainable development, and provides a high-end exchange platform for people in politics, the industry, academics, researchers, and the public.

The annual Eco-Forum Global in Guiyang has been held for three years since 2009, bringing together government officials, enterprise leaders, experts and scholars to discuss the theory and experience of ecological civilization with the help of various parties. The meeting also promotes cooperation between different fields, industries, departments and countries and is an important window for ecological information and accomplishments.

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