Yizi Sticky Rice Cake

Yizi (Missing Son) Sticky Rice Cake is a well-known Dabu traditional snack. According to legend, it originated in the Ming Dynasty, and has been produced for over 300 years.

Spawned Sticky Rice Cake

People in the rural areas of Dabu would make Spawned Sticky Rice Cake as tributes during the Chinese New Year or temple fairs, as the rice cakes could be shaped into objects resembling family success and happiness.


Jinzhencai, literally meaning golden needle vegetable, is also called daylily. The best daylily is the Yinjiang type.

Dried soybean curd

The dried soybean curd in Dabu has a history of more than two hundred years and the dried soybean curd made in Sanhe and Fenglang is the most well known.

Beef jerky

Beef jerky is one of the best specialties in Baihou town. It is mainly produced in the South Baihou village and North Baihou village.

Honey pomelo

Dabu honey pomelo is of the highest quality in the pomelo family. It is big, fresh, tender, juicy, dreg-free, seedless and features a moderate sweet and sour flavor with fragrance.

Xiyan Tea

Xiyan tea is mainly produced at the Xiyan Mountain which is more than 1,225 meters above sea level.

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