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Resources and Environment Policies

Policy suggestions on speeding up the separation of social functions of State-owned coal enterprises


With regard to the difficulties and issues facing the separation of social functions from the state-owned coal enterprises, the paper puts forward the following policy suggestions

Suggestions regarding the revision of "law on protection of wildlife" and related regulations


At present, the improper treatment of wildlife has become rather common in China which is not only harmful for ecological balance,

The present condition and impact of the social functions of State-owned coal enterprises and the main obstacles for the separation of the social functions from Sate-owned coal enterprises


Due to the restraint of various factors, the separation of social functions from State-owned coal enterprises is moving slowly.

Government support on energy saving under public financial system


The paper gives an overall introduction of the budget system for energy saving with public finance support, the management system, effect evaluation system, supporting principles and general practice in EU, UK and France.

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