Danfoss Defeated Trademark Infringement
Updated: 2015-01-26

Recently, Shanghai Pudong New Aera People's Court accepted a suit filed by Danfoss Co., LTD with one nature people and three companies as defendants. Danfoss asked for a compensation of over 1.1 million Yuan for the defendants' trademark infringement and unfair competition.

Danfoss, a transnational corporation headquartered in Denmark, is a famous company in refrigeration, heating, water treatment and transmission control manufacturing filed. Danfoss claimed that, its "丹佛斯" and "DANFOSS" trademarks registered in China were infringed by the four defendants. According to Danfoss' pleading, the second defendant, Shanghai Wozhong Valve Manufacturing Co., LTD, did an enormous scale of advertising on its website for the third defendant, No. 1941406 registered company; the first defendant, a nature person named Ye Xiaoyuan, was the principal of the website; the third defendant also registered "danfossv" trademark; the fourth defendant, Shanghai Kemai Water Treatment Co., LTD, sold products manufactured by the third defendant marked with "danfossv" trademark. Danfoss held that the four defendants' action was trademark infringement and unfair competition, and asked for them to stop the infringement act, eradicate the ill effects, and pay a compensation of totally 1.1 million Yuan.

The court will hear the case in days.

(Source: China IP News)

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