Chinese Technology Enterprises Invest 200 Million Yuan on IPR
Updated: 2014-12-12

Chinese Technology Enterprises Invest 200 Million Yuan on IPR

On December 5th 2014, Kingsoft, a leading software company in China, released an announcement that its wholly owned subsidiary Chengdu Interactive Entertainment Co. Ltd. signed an agreement with Jin Mi (a subsidiary of Xiaomi Technology Co., Ltd, the 3rd largest smart phone distributor in the world) and Beijing Z-Good SCI-TECH Co., Ltd. ( a Chinese high-tech company focusing on data communication), to co-found a fund management company investing IPR industries with the expected fund of 200 million yuan. It has been reported that this is also a major movement for Xiaomi Technology to fight against the current lack of patents and to prevent the potential patent lit igations in the future.

(Source: China IP Magazine)

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