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Notice on carrying out the New Family Plan-Family Development Ability Building


The NHFPC decided to carry out the New Family Plan-Family Development Ability Building to implement the spirit of the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee and improve family development ability and public well-being.

Notice on disease emergency aid work


The administrative departments of health and family planning commissions in provinces should fully realize the importance of setting up disease emergency aid systems and should take measures in light of their local conditions.

China to improve population forecasting


China is set to introduce a population projection and assessment mechanism to better guide government decision-making in resource allocation and reproduction policies, according to a national political adviser.

Notice on aluminum-containing food additives use


Since July 1, 2014, acid sodium aluminum phosphate, sodium silico aluminate and starch aluminum octenyl succinate are forbidden to be used in food additive production, management and use.

Healthcare changes to aid new family planning policy


The nation's top health authority has been taking steps to boost women and children healthcare resources as the government prepares for the relaxation of the family planning policy.

Notice on activities on China’s iodine deficiency disorder prevention and control day


May 15 this year marks the 21st China’s Iodine Deficiency Disorder Prevention and Control Day. The theme for this year’ is “Keep Iodine Intake at a Healthy Level to Ensure Good Mental Development.” , which is dedicated to spreading awareness about the importance of a diet with rational iodine intake and to get the whole society involved.

Notice on strengthening healthcare practice investigation and treatment


Combating bad medical and health care practice plays an important role in protecting the legitimate rights and interests of the public, strengthening health care team building, and promoting the development of health care reform. Health and family planning departments, as well as medical institutions at all levels, should fight against bad practices and strengthen necessary skills in this regard.

Notice on prevention and control of major spring and summer infectious diseases


Recently, hand, foot and mouth disease cases saw a significant increase. Cholera and dengue can easily run wild during the spring and summer, and there are still risks of malaria and Ebola hemorrhagic fever reaching the country from abroad. Prevention and control work faces grim prospects.

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