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Zhongguancun Index

Zhongguancun Index 2017        2017-09-18

In 2016, China continued to pursue innovation-driven development, the development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and the Belt and Road Initiative.

Index reveals zone's clout        2014-09-26

The average income of staff in Zhongguancun Science Park hit 1.61 million yuan ($260,000) last year and total revenue for the region was more than 3 trillion yuan.

Zhongguancun Index 2014        2014-10-08

Zhongguancun Science Park has taken the lead in the formation of an innovation-driven development pattern, according to the "Zhongguancun Index 2014" unveiled at the annual meeting of the Zhongguancun Forum 2014 on Sept 25.