• Sub-parks

Xicheng Park        2013-12-04

After eight years' development, Xicheng Park has become one of the major areas driving the economic development of Beijing's Xicheng district.

Daxing Biomedicine Industrial Base        2013-12-04

Daxing Biomedicine Industrial Base is a biotechnology industrialization base.

Haidian Park        2013-12-04

Haidian Park is China's first national high and new-tech industrial development zone.

Fengtai Park        2013-12-04

Fengtai Science and Technology Park was established in November 1991 with the approval of the Beijing Municipal People's Government.

Yizhuang Park        2013-12-04

In June 1999, the Yizhuang Science and Technology Park of Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park was established.

Shijingshan Park        2013-12-04

Distinctive for cultural and creative industries, Shijingshan Park joined the Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park in January 2006.

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