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Cloud lands on the ground -- Qingyuan Technology        2016-08-23

Qingyuan Technology aims to bring international container technology to China and use a cloud-virtual-machine-binding method to expand the acceptability of such technology in China, helping Chinese companies efficiently use Internet services.

Helping enterprises learn their enemies -- ThreatBook        2016-08-23

The ThreatBook Technology is a newly startup established in May, 2015, aiming to provide information security practitioners a platform to defense, detect, analyze and trace the Internet attacks by offering SaaS security data service.

Microsoft Accelerator welcomes new members        2016-08-23

The press conference of the opening of the Microsoft Accelerator's eighth phase was held at Zhongguancun Science Park on August 18.

Annual Zhongguancun Forum convenes        2014-09-30

Zhongguancun Forum for 2014 opened on Sept 25, themed on "Ecosystem Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Cooperating and winning".

2014 Zhongguancun Forum        2014-09-09