• Innovation Platforms
Innovation Platforms

New material industry cluster        2014-01-27

Some advanced functional materials and structural materials made in Zhongguancun have been applied in information, biology, new energies and aerospace sectors.

New energy vehicle industry cluster        2014-01-27

Zhongguancun has formed an electric vehicle industrial chain in the new energy vehicle sector, covering drive motors, power cells and other key technologies

New energy, energy conservation and environmental protection industry cluster        2014-01-27

Companies in the park have developed world-class systems and equipment in nuclear power, wind power, solar power and other new energy sectors.

Equipment industry cluster        2014-01-27

Zhongguancun has developed and produced a string of high-end equipment at an international advanced level.

Emerging cultural and creative industry cluster        2014-01-27

Zhongguancun owns the leading technologies of virtual reality technology, DTV and digital content production and broadcast equipment, and the online game development engine and platform.

Biological industry cluster        2014-01-27

Zhongguancun has achieved numerous innovative results in the biopharmaceutical sector with its world-class R&D innovation ability.