• Achievements

Chinese scientists measure gravity with record precision        2018-09-04

Although gravity is as fundamental to our life as breathing, how hard is it to measure it accurately? A group of Chinese researchers recently has measured the most precise estimates for the strength of gravity by using two independent methods.

China-developed AI helps assess brain injury patients        2018-09-04

Chinese researchers and doctors have built an artificial intelligence (AI) model with medical imaging to help determine whether patients with severe brain damage might regain consciousness.

Info: 10 cutting-edge products of China's Silicon Valley        2018-03-05

China's Silicon Valley--Zhongguancun at the forefront of China's scientific development.

Chinese scientists use transgenic silkworms to produce spider silk        2018-08-17

Chinese scientists have used gene-editing techniques to make silkworms produce spider silk, and have achieved efficient yields compared with earlier attempts.

5G initiative to boost industrial internet reach        2018-08-31

China's intensified efforts to commercialize fifth-generation mobile communication technology will lay a sound foundation for the development of industrial internet in the country, experts said on Aug 24.

Big data gains momentum in Beijing        2018-08-28

The Beijing Institute of Big Data Research (BIBDR) showed the world its three years' achievements in Zhongguancun Science Park, Haidian district, Beijing, on Aug 27.

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