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AI used in the battle against the novel coronavirus outbreak        2020-02-12

Chinese artificial intelligence companies are leveraging their cutting-edge technologies to help fight the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Telecommuters maintain industrial momentum        2020-02-12

Zhang Jiaqi, a 27-year-old information technology professional in Beijing, was woken up by the sound of an alarm clock from an online group chat. She immediately washed her face, put on her makeup and wore a coat.

Zhongguancun Bank fights the epidemic with companies in Beijing        2020-02-11

Zhongguancun Bank continued to increase financial support to private enterprises, small and micro-enterprises and key areas such as manufacturing, increased the proportion of credit loans and medium- and long-term loans, and reduced the financing costs for enterprises.

Connections        2020-02-11

Huawei moves to deepen Europe push        2020-02-10

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