Can't find a man who makes you happy? The Love Doctor says it could be YOUR fault

Updated: 2008-01-07 15:58


This woman has taken the motto "follow your heart" a little too literally, getting overly emotional about every possible aspect of a relationship, past and present - from the cute guy who just sent her a message on MySpace to the ex-boyfriend who broke up with her three years ago.

Give me a break! Men don't want to date Drama Queen Girl because you're unreliable and, ultimately, exhausting.

THE LOVE PRESCRIPTION:Get real - stop acting out a soap opera and start finding out what's happening in the real world.

Maybe you could start interacting with people who have serious problems - it might put yours into perspective.

Next, change your approach. Be friendly to people, ask them about their lives rather than carrying on about yours.

And try just being silent every once in a while: aim to do just 30 per cent of the talking in a conversation and practice listening.

Finally, try to take a month off from complaining and telling your OTT tales and just calm down.


This type of woman is holding on to a grudge.

Unfortunately, it's against the entire male population. She's been hurt before and she's going to make sure that it never happens again.

Taking the idea that attack is the best defence, she alienates men with her behaviour wherever she goes.

Men like to feel good about themselves but you make them feel awkward, unwanted and uncomfortable.

Most importantly, you don't trust them, and trust is essential for a good relationship.

THE LOVE PRESCRIPTION:Get a new attitude with my three-point plan.

First up, make sure your job is making you happy. If it's not, chances are you're taking this out on the men in your life.

Take up a relaxing hobby such as yoga or gardening.

Finally, make sure you eat a balanced healthy diet - junk food and excess sugar can really drag you down.

Now work on looking for the positive - assume the best of people and smile!


This type of woman is painfully self-conscious.

She may be unsure about her looks, her intelligence, or her sense of humour, but usually neither are as unattractive as a lack of self-confidence.

She's often the girl who needs a few drinks as her social crutch. Self-doubt just isn't sexy: if you don't like yourself, how can you expect men to?

THE LOVE PRESCRIPTION:Get comfortable with yourself. If your insecurity is something you can change, do something about it.

If it's something like your height that you can't change, accept it and move on. Don't let it rule your life.

Count your blessings rather than dwelling on the negative things and give yourself a pep talk before you go into any intimidating circumstance.

You are good enough, and you don't need to get blind drunk to prove it.

Finally, confess your secret fear, whether it's to a close friend or just a diary. Acknowledging it is the first step to stopping it ruling your life.

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