Can't find a man who makes you happy? The Love Doctor says it could be YOUR fault

Updated: 2008-01-07 15:58

Doctor Love: Bachelor Travis Stork

Stork has identified eight different types of women who tend to be unhappy, unfulfilled and the ones who complain that all men are idiots with commitment issues.

Because the fact of the matter is that if you're that girl, you're probably going to end up with that guy; the one who doesn't treat you well or who is not worth having.

Fortunately, Dr Stork has a prescription that should help cure you of being a woman to whom no man wants to commit.

Identify yourself below in one or more of the categories and follow his simple advice and, who knows, 2008 could be the year that you find love.


This woman is obsessed with getting married. She thinks her biological clock is ticking and she needs to be married by 30 or she's failed.

She has a five-year plan that sounds something like this: Meet the right guy within a year.

Get married within three. Have a baby in five. Game over. I win. And we live happily ever after.

Men don't like Agenda Girl because they want to feel special; they want to feel that they are more than just a bunch of boxes that are being ticked off.

It's pretty clear that Agenda Girl cares less about the individual and more about his looks/job/income/whether he is ready to settle down.

THE LOVE PRESCRIPTION:Change your agenda. Rather than making it about marriage, make it about improving yourself. Concentrate instead on your work, your health, and your friends.

Tear up your list of must-have qualities in a husband, stop planning ahead and, when you're on a date, steer clear of topics such as commitment, marriage and kids.

Concentrate on making friends with your dates rather than seeing them as potential husbands.


The Yes Girl cannot agree enough with everything her date or boyfriend says.

In fact, she's the girl who is always going along with things in order to get along.

While these girls are fun at first, the lack of conflict gets old really quickly.

Men find Yes Girl boring: she might look like she's always putting her man first but actually she brings no passion, knowledge or anything else to the party.

THE LOVE PRESCRIPTION:It's time to have a selfish phase.

Start by getting out of your comfort zone, whether it's walking a new route to work every day for a week, eating at a different restaurant every night or trying a new sport.

You'll soon have lots to talk about and loads of suggestions of things to do.

Get assertive and start standing up for yourself.

Tell your man when you want to see him and where. Don't let him dictate it all the time and make sure you're not always free.

Play devil's advocate once in a while - start a conversation that you know will be controversial.

Finally, learn to say no next time your boyfriend asks you to do him a favour that will put you out - it's time he started putting himself out for you.

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