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  • Standing tall in Tianjin

    2010-07-17 09:44

    The Raffles Tianjin provides a professional service to business travelers and relaxed enjoyment to leisure travelers.

  • Tianjin:Coming out of the shadow

    2009-08-06 09:24

    Tianjin is usually defined in relation to Beijing.Tianjin was China's third municipality under the central government, after Beijing and Shanghai.

  • Conducting business on a monumental scale

    2009-08-06 11:07

    Renaissance Tianjin Teda Hotel &Convention Center is located in the center of this new boomtown, accessible from downtown Tianjin via an expressway and a mass transit light rail.

  • Playground through half an hour away

    2008-09-28 11:18

    Beijing's Olympic co-host city, Tianjin, is much more than its nearest port. It also offers a variety of modern attractions.

  • Old-world charm

    2008-10-17 09:51

    American Billy loves living in "the biggest village in China". And he has no plans to leave Tianjin-China's third largest municipality.

  • Relics of a European past in modern China

    2008-10-17 09:53

    A stroll through Tianjin's Five-Avenue area is akin to an architectural take on Disney's "It's a Small World After All" ride.

  • Take a Chinese New Year painting home at Yangliuqing

    2011-01-20 11:20

    In Beijing's neighbor Tianjin city, there is a historic town imbued with enchanting traditional Chinese culture. Its name is Yangliuqing.

  • Day trip to Tianjin is historical journey

    2011-02-15 07:53

    With a high-speed train primed to take Beijingers in half an hour, Tianjin is a marvel of East meets West.

  • Tianjin's hot springs warm up local chill

    2010-12-29 07:57

    As the nippy winter weather sets a chill on the capital, a relaxing trip to a hot spring is coming into season for pleasure seekers.

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