Mid-Autumn Festival

The August Moon Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most celebrated Chinese holidays.

Thoughts in the Silent Night

Wugang cutting the osmanthus tree

Houyi and Chang'er


Chinese and the moon

In Chinese minds, the moon is associated with gentleness and brightness, expressing the beautiful yearnings of the Chinese.

The Mid-Autumn Festival

Celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival

Blessing SMS

Lang Lang to play himself in The Flying Machine


Bite the moon, savor the tradition

Different people celebrate Mid-Autumn differently, but one traditional custom is shared by all - eating cakes shaped like the moon.

Tasty profit wrapped in moon cakes

Moon cakes too beautiful to eat

A Mid-Autumn reunion in prison

Little chefs cook up a storm for Mid-Autumn Fest


HK welcomes Mid-Autumn Festival

Hong Kong organized a Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival to welcome the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival.

A different kind of celebration

Mid-Autumn celebrated in Malaysia

Staging a dream

Spin on the water

About activity

Celebrate the holiday and win prize

Upload the food, travel, wine, heritage or any other photos related to the Mid-Autumn Festival to us.

Prizes: Performance tickets, movie tickets,moon cakes and free dining and accomodation coupons at Five-Star hotels.

Activity runs until Sept 25, 2011.

Culture Events

Paintings and calligraphy on display at group show

A group exhibition of young calligraphers and painters from the Chinese National Academy of Arts is being held at the Museum of Chinese Women and Children, in Beijing.

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