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Picturesque view of Saihanba

Qixinghushidi Park (Qixing Lake Wetland Park) / [Photo/ by Yang Qi]

Picturesque view of Saihanba

Picturesque view of Saihanba

World Tourism Image Ambassadors stage plateau fashion show in Saihanba

Bikini show in Saihanba

Hebei Saihanba National Forest Park is located in north of Hebei Weichang Manchu Mongolia Autonomous Region, 400 km from Beijing, means "beautiful high range". It is an important part of the hunting field of the Qing Dynasty - "mulanweichang" - and has stunning scenery in different seasons.

In May 1993, Forestry Department approved to build Saihanba National Forest Park and now it becomes the biggest artificial Asia and national forest park. In the park there are Saihan Tower, Qixinghushixi ( Qixing Lake Wetland), Mulanqiuxian Culture Park, Shenlong Pond and other beautiful view spots.

Known as “River source, cloud hometown, flower world, forest ocean”, now Sanhanba has been appraised China famous scenic spot and “Best Pearl of Hebei” and widely approved as an ideal spot for sightseeing, holiday, summer resort, skiing and hunting.

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