'Shoushou' porn lands netizen with 15 days of detention

By Xu Fan (China Daily)
Updated: 2010-03-03 10:04
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Sex tape unspools privacy debate

On Model's sex video posted online by 'angry' ex-boyfriend

Videotaping invites trouble

This is the best reason for a young woman in any profession or relationship to not engage in such activities. One never knows what another person will do in a fit or anger or jealousy. Greed or just not thinking about the consequences, for both parties in the end, fuels terrible results and embarrasses all.


Respect privacy

Her boyfriend or whoever released the private images should be sued and the police should remove the videos from the Internet. She made those private pics/videos for her boyfriend only. Her boyfriend or the criminal has no right to show the videos to the public.

China must secure privacy rights and not allow people to steal from each other, damage each other's property and personal information, release personal information and disobey personal agreements.


Leaked video no surprise

A video of a girl naked. So what - that's what girls do when they are in the beautiful body game. It's part of selling yourself and no beautiful girl has any problem with showing off the goods.

As for the sex video, she knew the video and pictures were being taken and there have been so many "leaks" of this type of material lately that she should have guessed it would happen. It's publicity or lack of concern.


Sex-star copycats

Come on, it is "Shoushou" herself who cooperated and let her ex-boyfriend film the video. What's that for? Commercial exploitation only! Is "Shoushou" more famous after the Internet exposure? What's more, so many "Shoushou" copycats occur after the event.


Act with caution

Everyone deserves their privacy. We should respect them, but more important, we should also protect our privacy with caution at all times and avoid outside harm.


Keep your pants on

If you do not want your goods to be seen, do not put them out there in the first place.

Lisa Z

On Beijing plans for law

on garbage sorting

Time to recycle


Sorting garbage is the only lasting solution to address many environmental problems. It will also help develop companies specializing in recycling paper, glass, plastic, etc, and in promoting the composting of food, even in big cities, and even in each home!

Canadian cities such as Ottawa are standouts in this regard. The US is far behind other developed countries in sorting garbage, or developing high-speed trains.

China has a great opportunity to show it can make the right choice to develop the country with a minimal impact on the environment.

My Village

Back to basics packaging

China needs to go further. Reduce the use of "pointless" packaging. Go back to wax papers, glass jars, lotus leaves, strings, bamboo strings, etc.

Dr Who

On Beijing's population

exceeds 22 million

Consider smaller cities

It's too many people. I do think that a healthy society should reside in many small cities, rather than a single huge city.

People who have a good way of thinking and behavior will be better suited, psychosocially. They want more opportunities to live close to Mother Nature.

Big cities keep people closer to man-made buildings, rather than nature.

Saleem Coira.

Keep one-child policy

To all the economists who advocate abolishing the one-child policy, this is just one of the problems. There are already too many people!

One Child

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