Top 10 shanzhai phenomena in 2009

By Hou Qi (
Updated: 2010-01-11 11:49
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8. Shanzhai mobile phones – iPhone’s numerous ‘brothers’ in China

Top 10 shanzhai phenomena in 2009
Manufacturers of hot-sale HiPhone, one of the "Shanzhai Cellphone"
brands, copy nearly every part of iPhone. [File]

Apple Inc. might be shocked by the hot-sale copycat HiPhone, on the market while its genuine product iPhone sold on the mainland at a much higher price. The company that manufactures HiPhone, had the slogan "not iPhone, better than iPhone," and it has its own registered trade mark and a complete operating system. HiPhone may be the better known among the many iPhone imitators. Even without the true-blue blood of iPhone or Nokia N series, shanzhai mobile phones are more than functional and their low prices make them competitive. Imitation is the first stage; if accompanied with more R&D, shanzhai products may lead to more innovation.