Hami: A City of History on the Silk Road

Updated: 2007-06-19 09:07

White Rock

In Tianshan Mountain, I felt I were hugged by mountains; in Hami, I felt I were embraced by the grassland. With the mountain and the grassland, I felt I had everything in my arms. Tens of kilometers away from Hami city, there is a white rock. It is as pure as crystal and quite different from black stones around. It is said that this rock fell from the sky and was involved with a tragic love story.

Hami Melon

Hami is known for its melons. It is said that Hami melon was not originally produced in Hami but in Shanshan nearby. Because King Hami sent it to the emperor as a tribute and enjoyed great praises, the melon was so name "Hami melon". I tried the melon in Hami and it is really sweet and delicious.