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  • Exclusive interview

    2013-05-29 10:51

    American pop group Backstreet Boys celebrated its 20th anniversary by launching its global tour in Beijing on May 25, 2013.

  • Everyday supermodel

    2013-05-29 09:44

    Qin Shupei had little interest in clothes until she was spotted by a modeling scout in NY. She is now the darling of the international fashion jet-set, but for her it's just one, long holiday. Q&A What they say

  • Beyonce, Madonna and Tutu team up for women

    2013-05-29 09:36

    Beyonce and Madonna will be among big names reaching out to a billion people from a pop concert in London with a message of empowerment for women.

  • Golden Horse Ambassador

    2013-05-28 09:22

    Maggie Cheung, who won the most Golden Horse Awards so far, is appointed as the 2013 Golden Horse Film Festival Ambassador.

  • Children's gala to feature overseas programs

    2013-05-29 09:08

    The International Children's Day gala, on CCTV, will feature a host of treats for the viewers, including a number of programs from overseas, in addition to mini-dramas and classic nursery rhymes.

  • Rob Lowe to headline JFK-assassination TV movie

    2013-05-29 09:49

    Rob Lowe will portray slain President John F. Kennedy in a television movie based on a book by TV news commentator Bill O'Reilly and author Martin Dugard.

  • Film shows dreams come true

    2013-05-29 09:01

    Hong Kong director Peter Chan's film American Dreams in China has grossed 300 million yuan ($48 million) since its May 17 premiere.

  • What's new (May 29)

    2013-05-29 17:41

    Entertainment and art news in late May.

  • A good hair-day for the guzheng

    2013-05-28 10:45

    Guzheng soloist Chang Jing has had a radical haircut before her concert on June 9. Her haircut, however, angered the concert's producer.

  • 'The Rooftop' to be released July 11

    2013-05-28 09:40

    Jay Chou, director of movie "The Rooftop", attends a press conference of the movie in Beijing, May 27.

  • Jolie's aunt dies of breast cancer

    2013-05-28 08:50

    Angelina Jolie's aunt died of breast cancer, nearly two weeks after the actress wrote about electing to have a double mastectomy after learning she had inherited a high risk of breast cancer. Angelina Jolie has double mastectomy to elude cancer

  • 'Fast & Furious 6' races to biggest opening for Universal Pics

    2013-05-28 09:07

    The sixth installment of the "Fast & Furious" film franchise claimed victory at the North American box office and became the biggest opening film in Universal Pictures' history. Photos