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Police collect evidence from the shoot-out scene at Tsim Sha Tsui yesterday. One on-duty officer was killed and another injured while the suspect, an off-duty cop, also died.(CNS)

2 cops killed in gunfight, 1 linked to 2001 murder
An off-duty cop who shot two patrolling constables, killing one and critically injuring the other, in Tsim Sha Tsui yesterday was suspected to have used the service revolver of a policeman who was killed with the weapon in 2001.

Death of a policeman
March 14, 2001. Constable Leung Shing-yan is found dead in the corridor of a residential building. He has taken five bullets from his own service revolver.

Blake promises to restore KCRC image in public
James Blake, incoming chief executive officer (CEO) of Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) vowed to put the management row behind and restore the company's reputation.

Accept reality to make organ transplant easier
A person is legally dead when his brain dies. And that's the best time for the liver to be transplanted, says Professor Fan Sheung-tat of Queen Mary Hospital (QMH). For the success rate then is 90 per cent.

Mainland property stocks surging
Investors are snapping up mainland property stocks, betting that government steps to cool house prices will not stymie demand from the 8.5 million people who flock to mainland cities each year.

Power firm net profit increases; coal cost bites
China Power International Development Ltd, a small Hong Kong-listed power producer, said yesterday that it expects to use less of its output capacity this year owing to an industry power surplus.

New site package may lure developers
The government will launch a total of 45 sites, including 17 new sites, for sale through the land application list for the financial year 2006-07.

CK Life back in black
Cheung Kong Life Sciences International (CK Life Sciences), the bio-tech arm of Hong Kong conglomerate Cheung Kong Holdings, has turned into black in 2005 by earning HK$12.23 million in net profit.

China Mobile boosts shares

IN BRIEF (Page: 2, Date: 03/18/2006)

James Blake

A view of one of many housing projects in Beijing. Hong Kong investors have been rushing to buy shares of mainland property developers, believing they have good value. But analysts cautioned ongoing coolding-down efforts in the mainland's real estate sector could lead to uncertainty.

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