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2006-03-18 07:09

Beer bottle explosion suit not yet settled

A young woman in Tianjin Municipality who was disfigured when a glass beer bottle exploded at a friend's wedding ceremony last September is now suing.

The 25-year-old, whose face still suffers scars after many treatments, is suing the beer company and her friend for more than 70,000 yuan (US$8,750). The beer bottle explosion left a long scar on her face. The case has not yet been settled.

City Express News

World's tallest man scouting for sweetheart

The world's tallest living man took out an advert to seek a lover recently.

Bao Xishun, 2.36 metres tall, holds a world record for the tallest person alive. Coming from a herdsman family in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Bao, 55, has never been married or dated because of his height. Bao said he needs love and wants to find a woman to care about him.

Beifang Xinbao

Elderly man wanders streets for first love

An 85-year-old man is searching Changchun of Jilin Province for his first love, who he met 66 years ago.

Qiu Dongqi walks through the city's streets daily hoping to run into his first love Dai Yuzhen.

Qiu fell in love with Dai, who was three years younger than him, in Harbin of Heilongjiang Province. The couple soon had a son together. However, Qiu's family did not like the girl and forced him to leave her and Qiu has not made contact with Dai since then.

When Qiu learned that Dai moved to Changchun years ago, he also moved to the city in hopes of finding her.

New Cultural News

Introverted graduate avoids outside world

An introverted young man refuses to go out of house or meet new people since he graduated from high school two months ago in Changchun of Jilin Province.

The parents of Ming Ming, 19, said they wanted to pay employers to hire the young man. Experts said the man sufferes from depression and needs psychological counselling.

East Asia Business and Trade News

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