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Lending a hand: Wheelchair Foundation Chairman Kenneth E. Behring shakes hands with a disabled man in Haikou, capital of South China's Hainan Province, on Friday. The foundation has donated 2,500 wheelchairs to the province, worth a total of US$130,000.

Ministry looks to prevent soil degradation
The two hectares of land covered with black soil that were once the pride of farmer Lei Guangsheng are now a problem without an easy solution.

Plans to increase trade with Russia
Northeast China's Heilongjiang Province has mapped out plans to boost its trade with Russia over the next five years.

Disease-free chickens hit the market
GUANGZHOU: The first batch of 200,000 live, quality-assured chickens, which all wear coloured plastic rings around their feet, hit Guangzhou's markets on Friday, at a time when the threat of bird flu has kept poultry off many menus.

Legislation will ensure a safer Olympics
Beijing has started a legislative programme for 2008 Olympic Games to ensure a safe sports gathering.

Water transport safety needs improvement
Local governments are being urged to strengthen water transport safety management following recent fatal accidents.

Study: CSR boosts business
SHENZHEN: Small to medium-sized enterprises should implement corporate social responsibility (CSR) to improve employees' working efficiency and forge more stable relationships with clients, according to a new study.

Sex education in schools lags behind puberty
In an early-morning class at a local primary school in Beijing, about 60 curious students were giggling when being asked where they were born.

IN BRIEF (Page: 2, Date: 03/18/2006)

A resident shows a quality-assured chicken with a ring on its foot at a market in Guangzhou in Guangdong Province on Friday.

Middle school students take biology class in Jinan, Shandong Province. Normally, sex education in China starts in junior middle school and is taught in biology class.

Medical workers check the blood pressure for girls at a middle school in Bincheng, Shandong Province. Shandong health authorities early this month established a special taskforce dubbed "Care for girls" to provide free physical check-up, health consultancy to young girls in need.
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