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2006-03-18 07:09

Canine drags cash into doghouse

A farmer, surnamed Bi, in Zibo of Shandong Province called police when 100,000 yuan (US$12,345) that he had hidden in his storehouse disappeared.

When the police arrived at his home, they ruled out the possibility of theft.

Instead, they found all the money in the farmer's doghouse, wrapped up in a bag covered with leftover vegetables and steamed bread. Bi and police guessed that his dog probably took the money bag, mistaking it for food.

Qilu TV

Senior's face-lift sets city record

A 78-year-old woman Zhang Jinfeng set the record for being the oldest person to get a face-lift in the city of Qingdao in Shandong Province.

Zhang on Monday had her operation, which she said tightened her facial skin and gave her a more youthful-looking face.

Wang Xirun, a surgeon in charge of the operation, said most older people with normal blood pressure and no chronic diseases are eligible to get face-lifts.

Drug-selling ring nabbed at club

Police in Wuhu, Anhui Province, recently cracked down a drug ring in an entertaining club, seizing altogether 101 people.

The owner of the club had equipped his employees, drug traders and users with interphones to guard against police.

Among the 79 drug users seized, 50 are under the age of 25 and eight are under 18.

Jianghuai Moring Post

Baby's crying gives away hiding dad

A man in Xiamen, Fujian Province, refused to pay compensation by evading police for more than two years but was finally discovered because of his baby's cries.

A local court ruled that the man, surnamed Liu, who got in a car accident in 2002, should compensate the other driver with more than 7,000 yuan (US$863). Liu refused to pay compensation. In the past three years, policemen visited Lin's home over a dozen times but could not find him. When a policeman came to his home again recently, Liu had locked his door and pretended not to be at home. When the policeman was about to leave, Liu's baby cried and gave his position away.

Xiamen Daily

Students get bite of food safety

Children of migrant workers in a primary school in Shanghai's Jinshan District on Wednesday received textbooks about food safety.

Prompted by a series of food poisoning cases in schools nationwide, the Shanghai Food and Drug Administration issued the books to promote food safety education. The administration plans to give tentative courses on food safety in primary schools, including schools for children of migrant workers.

It is the first attempt to use textbooks to promote food safety education among schools nationwide.

Oritental Morning Post

Breakfast allowed in morning class

A psychology professor at a Shanghai University won students' favour by allowing them to have breakfast in his classes in the morning. He also stirred up some opposition from those who feel eating in class is improper.

The teacher, surnamed Wang, said he remembers what it was like to be a student and knows there is not always enough time in the morning to eat before class.

Wang said he was concerned about his students' wellbeing.

Wife cuts wrist to prove marriage loyalty

A wife from Hefei, Anhui Province, cut her wrist to prove her innocence regarding a dirty text message.

The woman received a message on her phone one evening in the presence of her husband, and found it was from her husband's colleague.

Her husband was furious as he thought they were having an affair. The wife said she would do anything to prove her innocence, so he said she should cut her wrist, which she did.

(China Daily 03/18/2006 page3)


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